Business Service "dataspects Knowledge Management Framework (DSKMF)"

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The dataspects Knowledge Management Framework DSKMF facilitates managing and using your knowledge.

  1. It is based on Ontology "DSKMFCoreOntology" and implements a distinct set of knowledge management concepts (see below).
  2. It integrates optimally with Application "dataspects Search" providing a single "Google-style" interface to your knowledge (see for the current development version).
  3. It allows for mentally traveling through a web of subject affinities starting with an intuitive and spontaneous statement.
  4. It allows for managing terminological ontology facets (extracting, injecting, versioning, e.g. DSKMFCoreOntology) and managing assertional ontology facets (move, scale, backup, synchronize, archive, e.g. What can be used how in a facets-management-script.rb?), see
  5. It is deployed by UseCase "Restore/clone a system (snapshot)".

Distinct set of knowledge management concepts

After installing DSKMF on a SMW the following steps should/must be taken (you may want to consider Workflow "How to model a business domain in SMW from scratch"):