Practice Pattern/Workflow "Housekeeping"

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Practice Pattern Domain

In accordance with Principle "Cleaning, Consolidating, Improving, Renaming (Garbage Collection and Archiving GCA - The Boyscout Rule)", keeping your IT systems tidy and clean is crucial for staying productive and motivated.

SMW offers a variety of tools and facets to help you with that.

Use Case "Housekeeping"

Use Case "Check consistency between ontologies as they are stored in Galaxy and as they are deployed in SMW CindyKate"

Locked icon.png This use case is for administrators only.

  1. Run corresponding Rake task. See Rake -T/Rakefile
  2. Check Diffy Output

Work in progress

SMW Facet Profile "SMW CindyKate Main Assertional Ontology (SMWCK-MAO)"
SMW Facet Profile "SMW CindyKate Main Terminological Ontology (SMWCK-MTO)"