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SMWCon Fall 2019 is a use-case-centric conference about Strategic Enterprise Knowledge Management, i.e. deploying, operating, developing, promoting and maintaining an enterprise knowledge management system including SMW as its pivotal component managing EPPO-styled knowledge articles.


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Conference deliverables

Participants attend this conference from the perspective of one or several roles (see below).

As such they will benefit from consolidated best practices regarding their typical use cases.

Overall conference structure

The conference is semantically structured. :)

Strategic Enterprise Knowledge Management involves workers assuming several roles.

  • Roles carry out use cases. (Property:IsCarriedOutBy)
  • Use cases are carried out for a reason. (UseCase::IsMotivatedBy)
  • Use cases make use of tools. (UseCase::MakesUseOfTool)
  • Use cases apply methodologies. (UseCase::AppliesMethodology)
  • Use case implementations can be rated in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. (Annotations pending...)
    • How precisely does it do its job?
    • Is it reusable/configurable?
    • Is it scalable?
    • Is it safe/secure?
    • Is it at the right abstraction level?
    • Is it reversible/idempotent/version/accounted for?

General event item template

Please prepare a 5 minutes talk addressing the exact procedures that you carry out for a certain use case. In the aftermath of all talks regarding this aspect, we will moderate a panel discussion carving out - as much as applicable - a set of consolidated best practices.

Dates & Program


March 2019
to be confirmed


Monday September 23rd 2019
Arrival Day
  • 3:15PM: the entire conference group gathers at Zurich main station
  • 3:37PM - ~6PM: train ride
  • ~6:30PM: arrival at Hotel Schatzalp in Davos
  • Dinner at hotel
Tuesday September 24th 2019
Conference Day
  • Lunch at hotel
  • Dinner at hotel
  • Drinks at hotel bar
Wednesday September 25th 2019
Conference Day
  • Lunch at hotel
  • Dinner at hotel
  • Drinks at hotel bar
Thursday September 26th 2019
Conference Day
  • Lunch at hotel
  • Dinner in Davos
  • Drinks in Davos
Friday September 27th 2019
Departure Day
  • 4PM: train ride back to Zurich

Registration and fees

Working document at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ymc36K-7KUPDeUn0RW_8VMzI3d5mAakJVvDTzHoiMCg/edit


Working document at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gDCljYk_zY4W1y9BulYaXqt8MlV7-oIUztkVvROlM3g/edit


  • General, Program, Local: Lex
  • Marketing/PR: Sabine (email/twitter/website/facebook/company/xing/aspects:role/technical level/experience/wikis/interests/expectations)
  • Collaboration: Bryan (relays participants in terms of interests and needs , manages participant profiles, individual pre-conference calls to registered participants → feeds into program design)
  • Registration: TBD
  • Reception: TBD