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  • WLAN, connectors, tables, food (special requirements?)
  • Participants communication channels: pre/post/in-conference: Telegram, LinkedIn Slack, E-Mail, Wiki, Twitter, Facebook: encompassing session digests schedule
  • Room mates
  • Clothing requirements
  • Participants Profile Matching with aspects as pivots
  • Eventbrite
  • No talks on a domain that utilizes SMW, the conference is fully aspect-driven
    • Tutorials (investigate need for this first)
    • Workshops/hackathon on tools agreed upon by roles for use cases
    • Lightning talks
  • Auditors:
    • Implementation/Code Security: BW/GT
  • Sponsoring:
    • OSDA
    • Davos Tourismus
    • GRF
    • WMF Swiss Chapter
    • Freitag
    • Qstion
    • ZHAW, Technikschule Chur
  • Donations/Fees:
    • 4 nights: Train/Food/Accomodation/Fee/without drinks: take ~$1000.- and increase/decrease for solidarity
  • Keynote: PR

  • Mission patch with logo
  • Video/photos coverage: Carl, micro interviews (questions catalogue), behind the scenes
  • Lanyards – sponsoring from Davos
  • T-Shirts (better alternative? idea from Wikimedia: drinking bottles with printed logo)
  • Stickers
  • Laptop camera covers with Wikimedia branding
  • PR: pre/post/in-conference
    • Talks at 2018F and 2019S
    • Conference promotional video (LS, SM)
  • banner stands for the location – Karsten might have 1 still in Berlin?

Probably not:

  • USB sticks
  1. before the conference: readers for participants
  2. during the conference: livestream, Social Media, identification for participants
  3. after the conference: video coverage, take-away, give-aways for participants

Other discussion locations and workspaces