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This page is an example for SMW CindyKate's "Live Commented/Highlighted Ontology Blueprints". The wikitext you see below is retreived from the actual pages in realtime.

Every article is of a single component type

In accordance with EPPO Design Principle "Type", a page instantiates a single type template, e.g. Template:ComponentType170508095600:

Community:Component170508101723 (edit)
|ComponentTitle=SMW Testing System (SMWTESTING)
{{Notice|Please note that [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}]] is one of my workspaces for [[Component_919095|my SMW/Cargo ontology engineering]] and therefore subject to sudden redesign. (You can check out part of its underlying commented/highlighted ontology blueprint on its [[Community_talk:Component170508101723|Talk page]].)

But you should always be able to find your way around. URLs will not change.}}

== Rationale ==

* using a flexible set of plain English phrases to describe how a knowledge management system should work
* and imagine a computer executing your descriptions automatically against systems of your choice.

This facilitates:
* managing system quality,
* live explaining your systems to customers and 
* writing self-explanatory video scripts.

== Our Primary Mottos ==

 <span style="font-size:26px;">We write the code we WISH we had.</span>

 <span style="font-size:26px;">We maximize the number of decisions NOT made.</span>


== Terminology ==

; Target systems profiles files (see [[Component_759410|example "test_profiles.yml"]])
: A .yaml file containing labeled sections covering all systems data necessary to connect to, authenticate against and operate on target systems.
; SMW feature pages (see [[Component_292015|example]])
; SMW playbook pages (see [[Component_291015|example]])

== Aspects ==

= Use Cases =

{{#ask:Has component title prefix::MWAT Use Case

= All Components =



Every component type has its master page and several auxiliary pages

ComponentType170508095600 (edit)
|ComponentTypeMainTitle=Community Service
Template:ComponentType170508095600 (edit)
{{ComponentTypeSubtemplate2|ComponentType170508095600|Community Service|{{{ComponentTitle}}}|{{{ComponentKeywords|}}}}}

Every component reveals several aspects

Template:ComponentAspects (edit)
{|class=wikitable width=100%
|'''Keywords''': {{#ask:[[{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]
Template:ComponentTypeSubtemplate2 (edit)
|Has semantic display title={{{2}}} "{{{3}}}"
{{#arraymap:{{{4|}}}|;|@@[email protected]@|{{#set:HasComponentKeyword[email protected]@[email protected]@}}}}
{{#arraymap:{{{5|}}}|;|@@[email protected]@|{{#set:HasContext[email protected]@[email protected]@}}}}