UseCase "Start/refine a search at any subject affinity"

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A search system must support users in the process of recall.


For example, when looking for an article about how to edit a UniversalExport PDF template in Bluespice, a user's quickest recall about that article might be the fact that it contains syntax highlighting. This is not per se content, but it is an aspect (or meta information) about the content which is very valuable for the user's hopping towards the perfect information.

Here's how dataspects Search does it:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter "syntax"
  3. Click the suggested predicate "ContainsSyntaxHighlighting"
  4. Refine search from there, e.g. add "Bluespice" and "PDF"


The search engine must accomodate this meta subject affinity "ContainsSyntaxHighlighting" and offer pertinent drill-down capabilities. This involves two configuration aspects:

  1. At indexing time, the search engine must enrich articles containing syntax highlighting with a suitable synthetic annotation: e.g. oEntity.add_sPREDICATE_with_sVALUE_to_sSUBJECT_if_rREGEX_in_sSTRING('ContainsSyntaxHighlighting', 'Yes', default_HasEntityName, /<syntaxhighlight *lang=/, @sWikitext).
  2. At query time, article annotations' predicates must be searched.


  • No mental edges
  • Minimize transaction thoughts in order to maximize production thoughts

Subject affinities as (dynamic) facets

About what I'm looking for, I remember:

  • that it has been changed recently (by me/someone else/anyone)
  • that it is type X
  • that it assumes role(s) X
  • that property X links
    • to it
    • from it (having value)
  • that some property (of type) having any value or value X links from it
  • that it HasContext X
  • that it is a context for X
  • that it can receive action X
  • that it can perform action X
  • it has the keyword(s) in aspect type and/or role(s)
  • its wikitext contains REGEX in symbol, etc.
  • its content contains REGEX
  • its author(s) being X
  • its last change was on/around X by Y
  • its content length is

Help readers by visualizing the target subject's immediate subject space (mermaid facets).

You need a toolset that supports making this ever more seamless and smooth: no mental edges.