Concept "Connection and Configuration Profiles"

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SMWs that we are working with are referenced and profiled by/in .yml files which are passed to the smw-cindykate command as a parameter -p, like so:

smw-cindykate -p test_profiles.yml
# This is the content of test_profiles.yml

MyCompanyWiki:                                        # <-- This identifier is used throughout the application to refer to this SMW.
  mw_http_script_path_url: http://localhost:20021/m   # <-- This is the full http(s) URL pointing to $wgScriptPath.
  mw_user_name:                                       # <-- These are the MediaWiki user's credentials:
  mw_user_password:                                   #     "
  mw_htaccess_user_name:                              # <-- These are the access credentials if there is HTTP Basic Authentication:
  mw_htaccess_user_password:                          #     "
  mw_root_directory: /var/www/html/m                  # <-- This is the absolute path to $wgScriptPath.
  ssh:                                                # <-- This is the SSH connection data:
    host: localhost                                   #     "
    port: 20090                                       #     "
    user: vagrant                                     #     "
    password: vagrant                                 #     "

This will enable you to refer to SMWs by identifier, e.g. MyCompanyWiki.