UseCase "Restore/clone a system (snapshot)"

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UseCase "Clone MediaWiki instances from Duplicity snapshots"

In its simplest form a MediaWiki instance consists of a MediaWiki core, extensions and data files (all contained in a MediaWiki root folder) and a database. By means of UseCase "Easy System Cloning (DSESC) Backup" these items are snapshot into Duplicity snapshots/archives.

Duplicity allows for various Data Location Duplicitys. Although Duplicity provides a Dropbox Data Location Scheme Duplicity "dpbx:///some_dir", this example makes use of the Local File Path Scheme Duplicity "file://[relative|/absolute]/local/path" and manages Dropbox synchronisation independently.

What happens on the workstation restoring a snapshot?

Now given such Duplicity snapshots at some local file path, within the context of, the following command restores a MediaWiki snapshot on a single VirtualBox virtual machine:

DUPLICITY_SNAPSHOTS_SOURCE_URL="/path/to/DuplicitySnapshots/" \
ANSIBLE_PLAYBOOK="esc-restore-duplicity-snapshots.yml" \
vagrant up

This command includes two YAML configuration files:


What happens on the server creating snapshots?

See UseCase "Easy System Cloning (DSESC) Backup".

UseCase "Clone MediaWiki instances inside the server"