Infrastructure "Hyperledger Fabric"

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AlsoUnderstoodAs Blockchain Solution


  • Private and permissioned: members of a Hyperledger Fabric network enroll through a Membership Service Provider (MSP).
  • Channels: allowing a group of participants to create a separate ledger of transactions.
  • Ledger subsystem:
    • the world state: describes the state of the ledger at a given point in time (= database of the ledger)
    • transaction log: records all transactions which have resulted in the current value of the world state (= update history for the world state)


When we launched our network, an admin user - admin - was registered with our Certificate Authority.

Now we need to send an enroll call to the CA server and retrieve the enrollment certificate (eCert) for this user.

node enrollAdmin.js


With our newly generated admin eCert, we will now communicate with the CA server once more to register and enroll a new user.

node registerUser.js


node query.js