Workflow "Install dataspects Knowledge Management Framework on a SMW"

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  1. DSKMF consists of:
  2. Together they will implement the DSKMF core concepts.
  3. Your SMW will have a page Category:OntologyCategory listing all ontology components of categories having Subcategory of::Category:OntologyCategory.
  4. Ontologies should be stored as Git repositories. As such they can be extracted from and injected into a SMW.
  5. Your SMW will have a page Topic_Types listing all topic types and their auxiliary pages, namely:
  6. DSKMFCoreOntology provides a script "add_topic_type.rb" that facilitates adding or editing topic type meta pages by placing them into your local domain ontology repository from where you can inject them into your SMW.
  7. There are three fundamental ways that topics can be annotated: