UseCase "Ensure that the correct combination of versions of Firefox and of selenium-webdriver is installed"

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The newest version of selenium-webdriver might not work as expected with Firefox' newest version.

In July 2016 for example, selenium-webdriver 2.53 does not work with Firefox 47.1

So you have to ensure a working combination of Firefox and selenium-webdriver versions. LinuxCompetenceCenter/mediawiki-vagrant currently installs:

  • selenium-webdriver 2.53.4 alongside
  • Firefox 45.0.2

You can check the versions installed by

Changing versions of selenium webdriver and/or Firefox used by the corresponding test execution scripts


  1. Download a version from firefox-mozilla-build
  2. E.g. for Ubuntu, install by something like dpkg -i /tmp/firefox-mozilla-build_X.X.X-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb


To upgrade selenium-webdriverto the newest version, run

[email protected]:/vagrant/mediawiki/tests/browser$ bundle update selenium-webdriver