Design Pattern "Display semantic title inline only when transcluding a page"

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Component 531439
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Note: This design pattern requires

A page Clarification 352638 can be transcluded by {{:Clarification 352638}}. The transclusion will then display the {{{Semantic Display Title}}} according to the format specified below while its Has semantic display title declaration will be skipped in order not to interfere with the transcluding page's own Has semantic display title declaration.

{{#ifeq:{{#regex:{{PAGENAME}}|%^(.*) ([0-9]*)$%|$1}}|Clarification|{{#set:Has semantic display title=Clarification "{{{Semantic Display Title}}}"}}<includeonly>[[Category:Clarification]]</includeonly>|'''{{{Semantic Display Title}}}''' <sup>T</sup>}}