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Interface "Use Cases" is constituted by properties... ...having values

Use Case This is how you link to a use case Keywords
On page Application "mermaid" Add HTML tag attributes when using 'htmlLabels:true'|Component 331455}}
On page Application "Vagrant" Associate a Vagrant project directory with an existing VirtualBox VM Move/copy a vagrant-controlled VM (environment) to a new workstation maintaining vagrant functionality|Component 331456}}
On page Practice Pattern/Workflow "Housekeeping" Housekeeping Check consistency between ontologies as they are stored in Galaxy and as they are deployed in SMW CindyKate|Component 703542}} Red links Housekeeping Coherence WIP Work in Progress Practice Pattern Workflow Maintenance
On page Organization Pattern "Three-Structure-Grades-Method" Add arbitrary annotations to components|Component 718706}} Floating properties Organization Pattern
On page Practice Pattern/Workflow "Keywording" Select a or search by a keyword to start interacting with your knowledge base|Component 816334}} Keywording Practice Pattern Workflow Maintenance
On page Organization Pattern "Usecasing" Declare a page section as a use case Declare a use case by adding it as a component|Component 919094}} Usecasing Linking Organization Pattern
On page Recipe "How to turn an idea into a certified SMW extension" Install VBox VM "MediaWiki Vagrant"|Component 947747}}
On page KIM/SMW Academy Literature Cite a publication|KIM/SMW Academy Literature}}