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SMW CindyKate Main

Computer "CDR-E"
Computer "CDR-M"
Computer "CDR-V"
Computer "MWAT Virtual Machine"
Computer "Your SMW Server"
Computer "Your Storage Server"
Computer "Your Virtual Machine"
Content Module " - Knowledge means understanding how parts of things work together"
Context "Marketing"
Data Location "Your SMW Backup Location"
Domain "NASA"
Domain "SMWCKMain"
Domain "SMWCKMain:Academy"
Domain "SMWCKMain:Factory"
Domain "SMWCKMain:Galaxy"
Domain "SMWCKMain:Information Retrieval"
Domain "SMWCKMain:Linux Competence Center"
Facet "BlueSpice Testing"
Facet "Component Types"
Facet "Flaws"
Facet "Fully Automatic Verified Backup-Restore Loop Setup"
Facet "HRMR Graduates for second round"
Facet "HRMR HRM Recruitment"
Facet "Learn how working with SMW heeds fundamental knowledge and information management principles"
Facet "Print PDF example"
Facet "SMWCK IT System"
Facet "SMWCK Main"
Facet "Testing"
File Set "SMWCK Restore Execution"
File Set "SMWCK Testing Execution"
File Set "Your Backup Execution"
File Set "Your Restore Execution"
Group "Crew Vehicle Flights"
Interface "Floating Properties"
Interface "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)"
Interface "Notices"
Interface "Someone is doing something somewhere"
Interface "Use Cases"
Ontology "Field of Application NASA"
Ontology "NASA ISS FPIP (Flight Planning Integration Panel)"
Showcase "Using Cargo and mermaid to derive NASA's FPIP from SMW-managed semantic data"
System "KIM/SMW Academy Syllabus"
Topic "Semantic MediaWiki Browser Testing"
Utility Template "Flaw"
Utility Template "Footnote"
Utility Template "Labeled section transclusion"
Utility Template "Notice"
Utility Template "PAGETITLE"
Utility Template "Paste FAQ"
Utility Template "Paste Use Case Link"
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