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BlueSpice Help

  1. because articles are constantly developed and changed by your team, ensure only designated versions of articles are flagged as "good for end users" (Keyword: Flagged Revisions)
  2. before it is flagged as "good for end users", ensure developed and changed articles get reviewed (Keyword: Reviewing)
    • by designated people (allowing them to redelegate)
    • in a certain order
    • until a set date


  • Flagged Revisions and Reviewing are independent features and can be used individually.

Relevant Permissions

…requires the corresponding user to be member of a group that features…
Use Case "Accept revision drafts" BlueSpice Permission "review"
Use Case "View all articles that are 'first drafts'" BlueSpice Permission "unreviewedpages"
  • Permission "autoreviewrestore"
  • Group "autoreview"
  • Group "reviewer"

Use Cases

Flagged Revisions

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