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I personally appreciate wikitext as an invaluable way of making your computer understand what you want it to do for you. Wikitext is a feature. It is not a hassle. And it isn't even a challenge. The mental mappings necessary for an ordinary end-user to correctly use wikitext within SMW are simple. Rejecting to learn the meaning of =, *, [, { and | makes life unnecessarily complicated.

Do you understand what 4 2 3 3 means? What about 4 + 2 - 3 = 3? Obviously, the second example's expressiveness is much higher than the first one's, while we could dream up some "mental encoding" that would make the first example's meaning identical to the second one.

However, the second example has the beauty of What You See Is What You Mean (WYSIWYM). And seeing what people mean has predominantly made life easier.