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Practice Pattern Domain KIM

Practice Pattern/Workflow "Keywording" makes keywords the simplest1

interface (among others) between the users'/searchers' and the authors' language when working with a knowledge base.

It allows the user/searcher to just say a word and then, if necessary, disambiguate what she really means through a Request&Suggest Interaction with the knowledge base.

Use Case "Select a or search by a keyword to start interacting with your knowledge base"


Practice Pattern/Workflow "Keywording" will substantially change when adding Elasticsearch by mid-2016. That's why these explanations are rudimentary for the time being.

Autocompletion on keyword beginnings

Thanks to Discuss UseCase "Manage MediaWiki-centric enterprise knowledge management" keywords are the only2 content page titles which are "autocompleted" by MediaWiki's built-in search.

In the course of her very first key strokes, this behaviour effectively directs the user's/searcher's focus to the keywords that authors defined as potentially most effective entry points.

However, note that by default autocompletion is performed only on the first word of a statement. FLAW


  1. ^  Principle "Intuitive human-computer interaction"
  2. ^  Except for the term characters C-o-m-p-o-n-e-n-t-, which means that keywords beginning with C-o-m-p-o-n-e-n-t- will not be autocompleted usefully, but will only show up upon pressing Enter. FLAW