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The purpose of this website "SMW CindyKate" is to explain to you how you should use Semantic MediaWiki for your knowledge and information management. This means that SMW CindyKate is itself a collection of knowledge and information and it is therefore a Semantic MediaWiki itself, of course. :) So, how is SMW CindyKate fundamentally organized? SMW CindyKate is organized in the style of the Three-Ontologies-Method1.


Top-Level Ontology

The top-level ontology integrates the task and domain ontologies. Everything in the top-level ontology is task- and domain-agnostic.

Also see Concept "Top-Level-Ontology".


Category:SMWCKMain Top-Level Ontology Category

Component 571934.png


Category:SMWCKMain Top-Level Ontology Category


Category:SMWCKMain Top-Level Ontology Property

Has external source urlURL
Has fa iconText
Has floating property contextPage
Has floating property nameText
Has floating property valueText
Has keywordPage
Has noticeText
Has semantic display titleText
Is component typePage
Is facet typePage
Property constitutesPage
Property constitutes having valuesText

Drawio Component 8618.png

Task Ontology

The task ontology covers the problem domain at hand, i.e. the problems that SMW CindyKate is supposed to solve. It consists of the following task ontology component types.

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Category

Task ontology auxiliary categories facilitate SMW interaction design, e.g. populating dropdown, token, combobox and list form inputs, as well as shortcut-like, explicit/direct "deep-links" to facets.

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Auxiliary Category

Forms facilitate information input. Here you see task ontology forms. For domain ontology component type forms, see on the right.

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Form

Partial Form Templates provide reusable form parts heeding KIM Principle "Don't repeat yourself, data, design or functionality (DRY)".

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Partial Form Template

Data Mapping Templates separate what is presented to the user from what is stored by the system and therefore heed KIM Principle "Separation of Data - Semantization - Design - Display - Interaction".

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Data Mapping Template

Queries/Result Formats provide queries aggregating information as well as formatting the resulting aggregation.

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Query

Query Result Templates format raw query results into purpose-optimized data visualizations and therefore heed KIM Principle "Separation of Data - Semantization - Design - Display - Interaction".

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Query Result Template

Display Designs Templates provide data designs heeding KIM Principle "Separation of Data - Semantization - Design - Display - Interaction".

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Display Design Template

Concepts reify facets for reuse in queries.

Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Concept


Category:SMWCKMain Task Ontology Property

Belongs to domainPage
Has component title prefixText
Has component type title synonymText

Domain Ontology

The domain ontology provides domain-specific knowledge which is used by SMW CindyKate to fulfill its purpose of teaching you "Semantic MediaWiki for knowledge and information management". Domain ontology component type templates factorize and semanticize object information.


This graph visualizes SMW CindyKate's ontology on April 1st 2016 based on component type properties. It is programmatically generated using mermaid.

Category:Component Type

Component Type Component Type Form Component Type Template
Type "Ansible Role" Form:Component Type 130634 Template:Component Type 130634
Type "Aphorism/Proverb" Form:Component Type 130683 Template:Component Type 130683
Type "Application/Software/Tool" Form:Component Type 923653 Template:Component Type 923653
Type "BlueSpice Permission" Form:Component Type 130686 Template:Component Type 130686
Type "BlueSpice Permissions Case/Setting" Form:Component Type 130656 Template:Component Type 130656
Type "Business Service" Form:Component Type 437847 Template:Component Type 437847
Type "Computer Language" Form:Component Type 389560 Template:Component Type 389560
Type "Computer/Server/Workstation" Form:Component Type 319558 Template:Component Type 319558
Type "Content Module" Form:Component Type 389559 Template:Component Type 389559
Type "Cucumber Playbook" Form:Component Type 230634 Template:Component Type 230634
Type "Data Location" Form:Component Type 923654 Template:Component Type 923654
Type "Domain/Scope/Group" Form:Component Type 558984 Template:Component Type 558984
Type "FAQ" Form:Component Type 481653 Template:Component Type 481653
Type "Facet/Interface" Form:Component Type 389556 Template:Component Type 389556
Type "File Set" Form:Component Type 123654 Template:Component Type 123654
Type "Goal/Benefit/Utility/Purpose" Form:Component Type 959580 Template:Component Type 959580
Type "Illustration/Graph/Diagram/Mind Map" Form:Component Type 840195 Template:Component Type 840195
Type "Instruction/Cookbook" Form:Component Type 720014 Template:Component Type 720014
Type "KIM Principle/KIM Maxim/KIM Imperative" Form:Component Type 264098 Template:Component Type 264098
Type "Markup Management Script" Form:ComponentType461425 Template:ComponentType461425
Type "Ontology Component/Semantic Model Component" Form:Component Type 862370 Template:Component Type 862370
Type "Ontology/Semantic Model" Form:Component Type 239766 Template:Component Type 239766
Type "Organization Pattern" Form:Component Type 495440 Template:Component Type 495440
Type "Practice Pattern/Workflow/Maintenance" Form:Component Type 257319 Template:Component Type 257319
Type "Publication" Form:Component Type 513785 Template:Component Type 513785
Type "Repository/Building Block" Form:Component Type 931963 Template:Component Type 931963
Type "Role" Form:Component Type 130684 Template:Component Type 130684
Type "SMW Design Pattern" Form:Component Type 264099 Template:Component Type 264099
Type "SMW Facet Profile" Form:Component Type 313302 Template:Component Type 313302
Type "SMW Feature" Form:Component Type 785364 Template:Component Type 785364
Type "SMW Field of Application" Form:Component Type 481654 Template:Component Type 481654
Type "SMW System Profile" Form:Component Type 313301 Template:Component Type 313301
Type "Test Script/Use Case/Manual/Action" Form:Component Type 130682 Template:Component Type 130682
Type "Use Case" Form:Component Type 863835 Template:Component Type 863835
Type "Utility Template" Form:Component Type 365630 Template:Component Type 365630
Type "Web Service" Form:Component Type 389558 Template:Component Type 389558
Type "Website" Form:Component Type 389557 Template:Component Type 389557
Type "Workshop" Form:Component Type 900000 Template:Component Type 900000


Category:SMWCKMain Domain Ontology Property

Belongs to field of applicationPage
Has answerText
Has authorText
Has descriptionText
Has editorText
Has factory domainText
Has flawText
Has illustrationPage
Has practice pattern domainText
Has publication imageText
Has release statusText
Has short descriptionText
Has titleText
Has use case domainText
Has use case pointerText
Heeds KIM principlePage
Is contained in bookPage
Is publication typeText
SMW galaxy component has target page nameText
SMW galaxy component is member ofPage

Illustrating Diagrams

SMW Concept 100000.png

SMW Concept 349796.png

Three-Ontologies Super Organizational Categories

These categories allow a facetted view on the Three-Ontologies-Method's global composition.


  1. ^  Heinrich Herre, Alexandr Uciteli: Ontologien für klinische Studien, in Publication "Corporate Semantic Web", pages 307-318