Recipe "How to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions"

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  • The following steps are valid for Ubuntu as the VM's/guest's operating system.
  • Note that the VM's/guest's operating system might require additional packages in order to be able to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions, e.g. in case of Ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential
  1. Download VBoxGuestAdditions_<version>.iso from<version>/
  2. Insert Guest Additions CD Image…
  3. Log in to VM/guest
  4. [email protected]:~$ sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
  5. Run command corresponding to your operating system. E.g. in case of Ubuntu:
    [email protected]:~$ sudo /mnt/ --nox11
  6. Make sure user "user" is member of group "vboxsf" (check with [email protected]:~$ groups and edit /etc/group)
  7. Check if VirtualBox Guest Additions have been installed correctly: