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Page Properties
Design Pattern "Add a statement"

Reification · Terminology impact · Add · Context · Roles · Floating properties

Design Pattern "Allow for component types to have multiple synonymous titles"

Synonyms · Semantic titles

Design Pattern "Component title prefix"


Design Pattern "Display elements based on template field values"

Ifeq parser function

Design Pattern "Display semantic title inline only when transcluding a page"

Regex · Ifeq parser function · Transclusion · Semantic titles

Design Pattern "Dynamic/implicit categories"

Dynamic category · Implicit category

Design Pattern "Enable a form to also upload files using the same semantization technique (including semantic titles) as is used for normal pages"

Upload · Semantization

Design Pattern "Type instances can assume multiple roles, which are a) valid in specific contexts and b) can be characterized as such"

Roles · Context

Design Pattern "Use a single add/edit form and hide some form fields when editing a page"

Urlget parser function

Design Pattern "Very simple multilingualism for MW"

Translate · Multilingual

Design Pattern "Ways to add new combobox/tokens values"

MECE · Consistency