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dataspects Infrastructure: a scalable dockerized infrastructure both for deploying new systems as well as restore system snapshots

Deploy services, networks, configuration and data to one or many machines. The means to do this include:

  • Vagrant (Boxes)
  • Ansible Roles
  • Docker Containers which are created with a certain configuration from Docker Images which are built from Dockerfiles
  • Hypervisor and Docker networks
dataspects Ontology: an ontology forming a comprehensive knowledge management framework (DSKMF)
dataspects Search: a REST API offering comprehensive search engine functionality
  • Develop
  • Deploy
  • Customized
dataspects Indexing: A DSL for specific indexing of various types of data and information silos
  • Develop
  • Customize
  • Set trigger policy
dataspects Toolkit: A DSL for managing terminological and assertional ontologies
  • Quality assurance (coherence)
  • Develop
  • Usage examples
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Reified Keywords Concept "Managing Domain Terms"
Domain Terms Concept "Managing Domain Terms"

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Subjects Keyworded Dataspects

Application "dataspects Search"

Search · Dataspects

Application "dataspects"

Ruby · Compare · Inject · Manage · Dataspects

Application Method "Dataspects::Facet.from_oSEMANTICMEDIAWIKI( oSemanticMediaWiki )"


Application Method "Dataspects::Facet.from_sPROPERTY( sProperty , mFlags = {} )"


Application Method "Dataspects::Repository.from_CATEGORIES( mCategories , mFlags = {} )"


Application Method "Dataspects::Repository.inject_into_SEMANTICMEDIAWIKI( oSMW , sSummary )"

Inject · Dataspects

Application Method "Dataspects::SearchInterfaceComponent.htmlAllDistinctPropertyValues"


Application Method "Dataspects::SearchInterfaceComponent.htmlStandardInterface"


Application Method " oFacet )"


Concept "DSKMF Rules"

Rules · Dataspects · DSKMF