Business Service "Knowledge Management Framework (DSKMF)"

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Building Blocks





Potential Subject Affinities which are dynamic facets

About what I'm looking for, I remember:

  • that it has been changed recently (by me/someone else/anyone)
  • that it is type X
  • that it assumes role(s) X
  • that property X links
    • to it
    • from it (having value)
  • that some property (of type) having any value or value X links from it
  • that it HasContext X
  • that it is a context for X
  • that it can receive action X
  • that it can perform action X
  • it has the keyword(s) in aspect type and/or role(s)
  • its wikitext contains REGEX in symbol, etc.
  • its content contains REGEX
  • its author(s) being X
  • its last change was on/around X by Y
  • its content length is

Help readers by visualizing the target subject's immediate subject space (mermaid facets).

You need a toolset that supports making this ever more seamless and smooth: no mental edges.