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Publication "Clean Code" +Martin, Robert C.  +
Publication "Corporate Semantic Web" +Börteçin Ege  +, Bernhard Humm  +, Anatol Reibold  +
Publication "Corporate Semantic Web" +Thomas Hoppe  +
Publication "Corporate Semantic Web" +Thomas Hoppe  +
Publication "Corporate Semantic Web" +Heinrich Herre  +, Alexandr Uciteli  +
Publication "Every Page is Page One" +Mark Baker  +
Publication "How to create a mind" +Ray Kurzweil  +
Publication "Knowledge Management: Flying only got successful once people stopped imitating birds" +Lex Sulzer  +
Publication "Künstliche Intelligenz" +Stuart Russel  +, Peter Norvig  +
Publication "Mastering Structured Data on the Semantic Web" +Leslie F. Sikos  +
Publication "Relevant Search" +Doug Turnbull and John Berryman  +
Publication "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist" +Dean Allemang, Jim Hendler  +
Publication "Superintelligence" +Nick Bostrom  +
Publication "The Evolution of Everything" +Matt Ridley  +
Publication "The Master Algorithm" +Pedro Domingos  +
Publication "Thinking, Fast and Slow" +Daniel Kahneman  +
Publication "Understanding Context" +Andrew Hinton  +
Publication "Wikinomics" +Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams  +