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Application "Vagrant" +<code>mymachine.box</code> now includes <code>[email protected]_A:~/mymachine/Vagrantfile</code>  +, You can override settings in <span style="background-color:lightblue;">Vagrantfile included in the box</span> with settings specified in <code>[email protected]_B:~/mymachine/Vagrantfile</code>.  +, * In case the <span style="background-color:lightblue;">Vagrantfile included in the box</span> (see step 1) specifies e.g. shared folders or provisioners, <span style="color:red;">Vagrant will prompt you to add these resources</span>. * The <span style="background-color:lightblue;">Vagrantfile included in the box</span> can usually be viewed at <code>[email protected]_B:~/.vagrant.d/boxes/mymachine.box/0/virtualbox/include/_Vagrantfile</code>.   +
Application "dataspects" +In order to reduce complexity, the following '''NOT_''' selectors only select pages if all but the leftmost arguments match. I.e. for a page to be selected by <code>NOT_having_FIELD_VALUE_for_FIELD_NAME_in_TEMPLATE_NAME</code>, it must have FIELD_NAME in TEMPLATE_NAME. If you want to select pages which "''don't have FIELD_VALUE in FIELD_NAME''" because they don't have FIELD_NAME to begin with, you have to use <code>NOT_having_FIELD_NAME_in_TEMPLATE_NAME</code>.  +, * '''profiles.yaml''' is passed into the script as '''@profile''' (for information about what this contains, see [[Component0759985424]]) * '''all command line options''' are passed into the script as '''@options'''   +
Architecture "dataspects Search" +Entities DO have annotations!  +
BlueSpice +This page lists knowledge subjects in connection with '''[https://bluespice.com/ BlueSpice]'''. It is structured based on the '''[[Component0151289873]]'''.  +
Community Service "SMW Testing System (SMWTESTING)" +Please note that [[Community:Component170508101723]] is one of my workspaces for [[Component_919095|my SMW/Cargo ontology engineering]] and therefore subject to sudden redesign. (You can check out part of its underlying commented/highlighted ontology blueprint on its [[Community_talk:Component170508101723|Talk page]].) But you should always be able to find your way around. URLs will not change.  +
Concept "Compiling Dataspects::Entity annotations" +<code>Dataspects::SemanticMediaWikiPage</code> is an example of a <code>Dataspects::Resource</code> subclass.  +
Concept "Ontology Management Script" +[[Component2127636517]] makes the following variables available to ontology management scripts @options [[Component0759985424|@profile]]  +
Concept "Top-Level-Ontology" +For example, the <code>Aspect "Safety"</code> of a car cannot be instantiated like "This is safety A and that is safety B.". But the <code>Aspect "Safety"</code> enfolds the instantiations <code>Seatbelt "Model 24"</code> and <code>Airbag "RT45"</code>.  +, There is more explanation on this in [[Component 153600]] <sup style="background-color:lightgreen; font-family: monospace;">Use Case</sup>.  +
Concept "content-/process-reference" +This will use https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Categorymembers.  +
DSKIMUnitTest +[[Component1650400913]]  +
Domain "SMWCKMain:Factory" +This page is under heavy construction.  +
Goal "Shorten the time it takes for your new employees to get productive" +Check out our blog article '''[https://www.gryps.ch/news/ict/2015/11/10/wissensmanagement-semanticmediawiki/ Knowledge Management: Flying only got successful once people stopped imitating birds]''' (in German)  +
KIM/SMW Academy Literature +The mindmaps shown below have been created and are managed by myself (thus they do not reflect the corresponding authors' conceptual/mental prioritization or organization). They serve as: * a study tool for figuring out stuff, as well as * a way of summarizing a topic for quick cognitive access heeding [[Component 341298]]. [[User:Lex|Lex]] 10:14, 16 March 2016 (UTC)  +
Ontology Management Script "manage_DMP.rb" +OMS contain instructions to run in accordance with [[Component 153401]].  +
Overview "Testing smw-cindykate" +The following pages serve as '''unit test scripts''' and '''corresponding test objects/pages''' requested from within the RSpec Ruby code by API calls to this MediaWiki. While this mechanism turns these pages into a comfortable documentation about smw-cindykate's functionality, it also makes testing prohibitively slow. The idea is to compile these pages into a YAML package dumped into smw-cindykate's RSpec testing suite before running them.  +, '''Add a new method test''' # Add the method at [[ApplicationMethod]]. # Set up unit tests testing the new method at [[DSKIMUnitTest]]. If appropriate, run tests against test pages in [[:Category:TestCategory0]] and [[:Category:TestCategory1]]. # Look up ComponentXXXXXXXXXX's '''[[Property:TestsAreRunBy]]'''.  +
Practice Pattern/Workflow "Keywording" +'''Practice Pattern/Workflow "Keywording"''' will substantially change when adding [https://www.elastic.co Elasticsearch] by mid-2016. That's why these explanations are rudimentary for the time being.  +
Recipe "DNA and genesis of a Vagrant Box ("VBubuntu") ready for hosting a SMW" +This is pragmatic behaviour. Of course these aspects shall be solved and moved into the Packer build context.  +
Recipe "How to create, configure, export and import GnuPG keys" + * The following steps are valid for Ubuntu as the workstation's operating system. * Background: ** [http://www.dewinter.com/gnupg_howto/english/GPGMiniHowto.html GnuPG Mini Howto] ** [https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto Ubuntu GnuPrivacyGuardHowto]   +, <span style="background-color:yellow;">944CBA14</span> is the key-id  +
Recipe "How to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions" + * The following steps are valid for Ubuntu as the VM's/guest's operating system. * Note that the VM's/guest's operating system might require additional packages in order to be able to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions, e.g. in case of Ubuntu:<br /><code>sudo apt-get install build-essential</code>   +
Recipe "How to turn an idea into a certified SMW extension" +The following instructions have been tested on [http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop Ubuntu 16.04 64bit]. Instructions for other platforms are under construction.  +, At the end of this process your VBox VM "MediaWiki Vagrant" is ready for the next steps. If you want to log into the VM's XFCE desktop, see below [[#Log_into_the_VM.27s_XFCE_desktop|Log into the VM's XFCE desktop]].  +, These instructions are under construction.  +
SMW Facet Profile "SMW CindyKate Main Terminological Ontology (SMWCK-MTO)" +This graph visualizes SMW CindyKate's ontology on April 1st 2016 (i.e. not real-time) based on [[:Category:Terminological Relation|component type properties]]. It is programmatically generated using [http://knsv.github.io/mermaid/ mermaid].  +
Setup "Develop dataspects on a VirtualBox VM on another computer" +MySharedFolderSHARENAME must be different from MySharedFolder!  +
Setup "Dropbox headless client as a service" +[[Component1753181501]]  +
Showcase "Using Cargo and mermaid to derive NASA's FPIP from SMW-managed semantic data" +For the time being, it seems that [https://www.mozilla.org/firefox Firefox] is rendering mermaid graphs/charts reliably.  +, The tool used is [http://knsv.github.io/mermaid/live_editor/ mermaid's online graph editor].  +, You see that we semanticize data using both SMW and Cargo. The reason for this is explained further down. Also, the abstraction structure is not optimal yet, but remember Donald Knuth's [[Component 748147]]. :)  +,
Technique "Vector Quantization" +See [[Component_25812]], page 135.  +