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"Don't repeat yourself, data, design or functionality (DRY)" +Discuss UseCase "Manage MediaWiki-centric enterprise knowledge management"  +
Computer "CDR-E" +Type "Computer/Server/Workstation"  +
Computer "CDR-M" +Type "Computer/Server/Workstation"  +
Computer "CDR-V" +Type "Computer/Server/Workstation"  +
Computer "MWAT Virtual Machine" +Type "Computer/Server/Workstation"  +
Computer "Your SMW Server" +Type "Computer/Server/Workstation"  +
Computer "Your Storage Server" +Type "Computer/Server/Workstation"  +
Computer "Your Virtual Machine" +Type "Computer/Server/Workstation"  +
Content Module "dataworking4you.com - Knowledge means understanding how parts of things work together" +Type "Content Module"  +
Context "Marketing" +Type "Facet/Interface"  +
Cucumber Playbook "BlueSpice: Tests: Extended Search" +Type "Cucumber Playbook"  +
Cucumber Playbook "BlueSpice: Tests: Namespace configuration" +Type "Cucumber Playbook"  +
Cucumber Playbook "BlueSpice: Tests: Workflow" +Type "Cucumber Playbook"  +
Data Location "Your SMW Backup Location" +Type "Data Location"  +
Domain "NASA" +Type "Domain/Scope/Group"  +
Domain "SMWCKMain" +Type "Domain/Scope/Group"  +
Domain "SMWCKMain:Academy" +Type "Domain/Scope/Group"  +
Domain "SMWCKMain:Factory" +Type "Domain/Scope/Group"  +
Domain "SMWCKMain:Galaxy" +Type "Domain/Scope/Group"  +
Domain "SMWCKMain:Information Retrieval" +Type "Domain/Scope/Group"  +
Domain "SMWCKMain:Linux Competence Center" +Type "Domain/Scope/Group"  +
Facet "BlueSpice Testing" +Type "Facet/Interface"  +
Facet "Component Types" +Type "Facet/Interface"  +
Facet "Flaws" +Type "Facet/Interface"  +
Facet "Fully Automatic Verified Backup-Restore Loop Setup" +Type "Facet/Interface"  +