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The data on this page is retrieved from SMW CindyKate's Elasticsearch backend.

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Accountability3 Accountability1 Add3 Agile1 Alert1 Ansible4 Aphorism2 Application5 Application Round1 Aspect1 Aspects1 Astronaut2 Atlas1 Background knowledge1 Backup2 Benefit2 BlueSpice2 Build1 Building Block5 Bulleted list from arraymap1 Business Service4 Capybara1 Cargo2 Change2 Changes1 Clean1 Coherence1 Compare3 Component Type1 Computer6 Computer aided input1 Concept1 Concept3 Consistency1 Content Module1 Context4 Context1 Cookbook8 Cooperation2 Creation1 Crew Vehicle Flight2 Cucumber2 DRY1 Dashboard1 Data Location1 Develop2 Diagram11 Diff1 Disambiguation4 Domain8 Don't make me think4 Drawio2 Duplicity3 Dynamic category1 E-Mail1 Elasticsearch1 Emergence1 Encrypted1 Expedition1 Extension1 Extensions1 FAQ3 Facet27 Facet9 Faceting8 Factorization1 Factory1 Fields of Application1 File Set2 Firefox2 Flaws2 Floating properties5 Footnote1 Free text1 Gantt Chart3 GitHub1 Github2 GnuPG3 Goal2 Graph13 Graphviz1 Group7 Group1 History1 Housekeeping1 IT System2 Ifeq parser function4 Illustration11 Implicit category1 Inject1 Inside-Out1 Instruction8 Integration1 Interacting1 Interface27 Interface6 Interfacing1 KIM Imperative33 KIM Maxim33 KIM Principle33 Keywording5 Linking1 MECE4 Maintenance6 Marketing Component2 Mermaid3 Mind Map11 NASA8 Namespace1 Naming1 Noticing2 Ontology8 Ontology2 Ontology Component20 Organization Pattern6 PHP1 Packer1 Page title1 Person1 Post-it1 Practice Pattern6 Pragmatism2 Prefix2 Presentation1 Productivity2 Proverb2 Publication4 Purpose2 Red links1 Redirects1 Refactor easily1 Regex1 Reification3 Repository5 Request&Suggest1 Restore2 Revisioning1 Role1 Roles5 Rspec1 Ruby1 SMW Design Pattern13 SMW Facet Profile2 SMW Feature20 SMW Field of Application3 SMW System Profile2 SMWCK3 Scope7 Searching3 Selenium1 Semantic Model5 Semantic Model Component20 Semantic titles4 Semantization2 Separation of concerns5 Server6 Show1 Showcase1 Smw-cindykate2 Software5 Stateless1 Storage1 Structuring1 Subobjects3 Synapsation1 Synonyms2 System1 Templating1 Terminology impact1 Test Script1 Testing3 Thesauri2 Tool5 Top-Level-Ontology3 Transclusion2 Upload1 Urlget parser function1 Use Case9 Usecasing4 Utility2 Utility Template8 Vagrant6 Versioning1 VirtualBox2 Vocabulary1 WIP1 WYSIWYM1 Watchlist1 Web Service2 Webdriver1 Website3 Wikitext4 Wikitext Poster2 Work in Progress1 Workflow6 Workstation6