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Please note that Community Service "SMW Testing System (SMWTESTING)" is one of my workspaces for my SMW/Cargo ontology engineering and therefore subject to sudden redesign. (You can check out part of its underlying commented/highlighted ontology blueprint on its Talk page.)

But you should always be able to find your way around. URLs will not change.



  • using a flexible set of plain English phrases to describe how a knowledge management system should work
  • and imagine a computer executing your descriptions automatically against systems of your choice.

This facilitates:

  • managing system quality,
  • live explaining your systems to customers and
  • writing self-explanatory video scripts.

Our Primary Mottos

We write the code we WISH we had.
We maximize the number of decisions NOT made.



Target systems profiles files (see example "test_profiles.yml")
A .yaml file containing labeled sections covering all systems data necessary to connect to, authenticate against and operate on target systems.
SMW feature pages (see example)
SMW playbook pages (see example)