Component 366116

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Component 366116
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Facet type Facet

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"Print PDF example" is constituted by properties... ...having values

Aspect 'Components':
  Which components should be included?:
    Ask Query Sets:
        - Query: "[[Property constitutes::Component 291397]]"
        - Query: "[[Belongs to domain::Component 291397]]"
Aspect 'Templates':
  Instances from which templates and which corresponding fields should be included?:
    - Component: # DEV: Could be with or without semicolon!
    - Credentials2:
      - Include these fields: [Type, Username, Passphrase, Free Text] # DEV: Could be explicit list by [] or implicit list by simple commas!
      - Exclude these fields: 
      - Apply this design: TCPDF Design 'Credentials'
    - NetworkInterface2:
      - Include these fields: [Name, IP Address, Management Interface] # List
      - Exclude these fields: 
      - Apply this design: Wiki HTML
Aspect 'Free Text':
  Should free text be included?: TRUE