Component 601319

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Component 601319
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is constituted by properties... ...having values

Concept "Top-Level-Ontology"
<wikitext2 page="Component 984214"/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Component Type 130686"/>

<wikitext2 page="Template:ComponentTypeFooter"/>

<wikitext2 page="Component Type 130686"/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Component Type"/>

<wikitext2 page="Template:Component Type"/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Component"/>

<wikitext2 page="Component 601318"/> <wikitext2 page="Component 144347"/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Template:Role Assumptions Table Row"/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Role Assumptions Table Row 2"/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Template:Predicate Object Table Row "/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Floating Property"/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Component Role"/> <wikitext2 page="Component Role 100000"/> <wikitext2 page="Template:Component Role 100000"/>