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Component 602328
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"Semantic MediaWiki Browser Testing" is constituted by properties... ...having values



Use cases to be tested are formulated as playbooks containing Gherkin features on SMW pages

Here are the playbooks and use cases that are currently formulated on SMWCindyKate:

Type "Cucumber Playbook"

Cucumber Playbook "BlueSpice: Tests: Workflow"
Cucumber Playbook "BlueSpice: Tests: Extended Search"
Cucumber Playbook "BlueSpice: Tests: Namespace configuration"

Type "Test Script/Use Case/Manual/Action"

Use Case "BlueSpice: Workflow for reviewing a page draft and accept it as a flagged revision"
Use Case "BlueSpice: Add workflow"
Use Case "Check (my) page assignments"
... further results

Each use case specifies two types of scenarios:

  1. a detailed scenario (tagged by @detail) splitting the use case into individual steps in such a way, that the scenario can serve as end user documentation.
  2. a main scenario (tagged by @main) conflating the detail steps into a single main step which shall make it easier to include the use case within other use cases.

The server hosting the SMW to be tested is provisioned with a testing environment


The workstation controlling the testing is provisioned with SMW-Browser-Testing

A profile.yml file is created managing the interaction with target servers/SWMs. Here's a sample:


  mwscriptpath: http://localhost/w/
  mwscriptpathtopage: http://localhost/w/index.php?title=
  mwarticlepath: http://localhost/wiki/
  standard_username: sherman
  gherkin_section_name: Feature

The playbooks are then run like this:

PROFILE=fds PLAYBOOKS='Component 291015' TAGS='--tags @main' ./

Testing environment/system setup aspects

For the sake of developing tests and not interacting with a target production SMW but rather a recent clone of it, it makes sense to run the entire testing system in a virtualized environment.

Hence, here are some use cases involved with using VirtualBox for this purpose.