Component 718706

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Component 718706
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The Three-Structure-Grades-Method organizes component content using 3 grades of data structuring:

  1. factorized component data in ungrouped controlled properties (object orientation)
  2. factorized component data in grouped controlled properties (class orientation)
  3. factorized component data as ungrouped uncontrolled floating properties (object orientation)
  4. atomized component data as free text (object orientation)

Use Case "Add arbitrary annotations to components"

  1. Edit a component by form
  2. Click tab "Floating Properties"
  3. Set the property name and property value(s)

This will result in the component having so-called "floating properties", which are uncontrolled in the sense that they do not belong to a certain template/aspect. Floating properties are listed as an SMW aspect here.