Component 900050

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Component 900050
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Facet type Facet

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Facet "Testing" is constituted by properties... ...having values
Builds and controls Any value(s)
Clones from github Any value(s)
Loads features from Any value(s)
Placed onto Any value(s)
Provisions applying role Any value(s)
Provisions by applying role Any value(s)

Facet ID: Component 900050
End Points:
    Script Path:
    Ask Query Sets:
        - Query: "[[Property:+]][[Property constitutes::Component 900050]]"
  Type: Graph
    Rankdir: LR

Facet "Testing"

TDD: Domain-driven, example-drivenComponent 900050 Footnote {{#counter:footnotes}}Property "CiteRef" (as page type) with input value "Component 900050 Footnote {{#counter:footnotes}}" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.{{#scite:Component 900050 Footnote {{#counter:footnotes}}|type=footnote|citation text=}} Design and Documentation Development

  1. Derive language, practices and processes to support communication
  2. Embed intent
  3. Minimze the need for mental mapping (e.g. add sytactic sugar)
  4. TDD Aspect "Design"
  5. TDD Aspect "Documentation"
  6. Examples become regression tests

How do we explain our idea of a working system to the TestSystem?

  1. We use the DSL "RSpec" for explaing expected object behaviour
  2. We use the DSL "Cucumber" for explaing expected application/system behaviour

How does the TestSystem reason messages to us?

  • Expected circumstances: throw/catch
  • Exceptional circumstances: raise/rescue

Cucumber: step definitions raise or don't raise an exception

  • Step-definitions interact with surface-level objects which use layers of subsurface objects

Rspec: expectations report a passing or failing match

    • Built in matchers used with expect() and should(_not)
      • object
        • equivalence (object has expected values)
        • identity (object is expected object)
    • custom expectation matchers
    • arbitrary predicate matchers
    • output formatting
      • --format documentation
    • Errors:
      • PendingExampleFixedError: "Pending for no reason"

State-based expectations

Interaction-based expectation (Mocks)