Component Type 389556

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Component Type 389556
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SMW CindyKate Main


Keywords Faceting
Domain Domain "SMWCKMain"
Synonymous Titles Facet


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Component Mermaid Graph Keywords
Facet "Component Types" Show graph Interface, Facet
Facet "Fully Automatic Verified Backup-Restore Loop Setup" Show graph Interface, IT System, SMWCK, Facet
Facet "SMWCK IT System" Show graph Interface, IT System, SMWCK, Facet
Facet "Testing" Show graph Interface, Testing, Facet

Semantic webs must procure understanding by presenting explanatory facets.

About facets

Facets are aspects, topics, systems, contexts, scopes, showcases, domains or groups, which are

  • constituted by properties (having any or specific subject and/or object value(s))Component Type 389556 Footnote {{#counter:footnotes}}Property "CiteRef" (as page type) with input value "Component Type 389556 Footnote {{#counter:footnotes}}" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.{{#scite:Component Type 389556 Footnote {{#counter:footnotes}}|type=footnote|citation text=See Organization Pattern "Three-Structure-Grades-Method"}}


  • consist of implicit groups of components (and their interrelations)


  • can be reified, e.g. the facet/aspect "safety" can have the properties "Has priority::Top" and "Is assigned to::Mark".


For example, the facet/aspect "safety" of a car cannot be instantiated like "This is safety A and that is safety B.". But the facet/aspect "safety" can enfold the instantiations of seatbelt model 24 and airbag RT45.

About components

Components have a default component type in accordance with general common-sense understanding to be used if “met-on-the-floor”.

Components can bear several different component types in different constituent facets, i.e. they assume different roles in different facets.