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Page Properties
Design Pattern "Add a statement"

Add, Floating properties, Reification, Context, Roles, Terminology impact

Design Pattern "Allow for component types to have multiple synonymous titles"

Synonyms, Semantic titles

Design Pattern "Component title prefix"


Design Pattern "Display elements based on template field values"

Ifeq parser function

Design Pattern "Display semantic title inline only when transcluding a page"

Ifeq parser function, Regex, Transclusion, Semantic titles

Design Pattern "Dynamic/implicit categories"

Implicit category, Dynamic category

Design Pattern "Enable a form to also upload files using the same semantization technique (including semantic titles) as is used for normal pages"

Semantization, Upload

Design Pattern "Type instances can assume multiple roles, which are a) valid in specific contexts and b) can be characterized as such"

Context, Roles

Design Pattern "Use a single add/edit form and hide some form fields when editing a page"

Urlget parser function

Design Pattern "Very simple multilingualism for MW"

Translate, Multilingual

Design Pattern "Ways to add new combobox/tokens values"

MECE, Consistency