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{{{for template|Component}}}

Title* {{{field|Component Title|input type=textarea|mandatory|rows=2|cols=81}}}
Keywords {{{field|Component Keywords|property=Has keyword|input type=tokens|values from property=Has keyword|delimiter=;}}}
Heeds KIM Principles {{{field|Heeds KIM Principles|input type=tokens|values from category=KIM Principle|mapping template=Component Title Mapping Template|delimiter=;}}}

{{{end template}}}


{{{for template|Floating Property|label=Floating Properties|multiple|add button text=Add (another)}}}

{{{field|Floating Property Name|input type=combobox|values from namespace=Property}}} {{{field|Floating Property Value|input type=combobox|values from namespace=Main|mapping template=Component Title Mapping Template}}}

{{{end template}}}

Component Type 257319

Domain Component Type 257319 Domain

{{{end template}}}

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