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This website documents selected resources serving as building blocks for the business services provided by

Shorten the time it takes for your new employees to get productive. Learn how…
Manage your business using Semantic MediaWiki (SMW). It's an extended version of the software that powers Wikipedia.
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We set up your classic or enterprise-level Semantic MediaWiki (SMW and design it to match and serve your business reality.

Your SMW will join your workforce as a virtual colleague supporting everyone to stay productive — by optimizing how information is managed, accessed and presented.

Our workshops will enable your SMW power user to maximize your SMW's effectiveness — technically and by supporting end users.

We also provide insight into how to optimize your knowledge and information management (KIM) in general and your use of Semantic Mediawikis (SMW) in particular.

How to organize, build, deploy, backup and restore Semantic MediaWikis. | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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