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<code></code> now includes <code>user_0@workstation_A:~/mymachine/Vagrantfile</code>  +, You can override settings in <span style="background-color:lightblue;">Vagrantfile included in the box</span> with settings specified in <code>user_1@workstation_B:~/mymachine/Vagrantfile</code>.  +, * In case the <span style="background-color:lightblue;">Vagrantfile included in the box</span> (see step 1) specifies e.g. shared folders or provisioners, <span style="color:red;">Vagrant will prompt you to add these resources</span>. * The <span style="background-color:lightblue;">Vagrantfile included in the box</span> can usually be viewed at <code>user_1@workstation_B:~/.vagrant.d/boxes/</code>.   +
In order to reduce complexity, the following '''NOT_''' selectors only select pages if all but the leftmost arguments match. I.e. for a page to be selected by <code>NOT_having_FIELD_VALUE_for_FIELD_NAME_in_TEMPLATE_NAME</code>, it must have FIELD_NAME in TEMPLATE_NAME. If you want to select pages which "''don't have FIELD_VALUE in FIELD_NAME''" because they don't have FIELD_NAME to begin with, you have to use <code>NOT_having_FIELD_NAME_in_TEMPLATE_NAME</code>.  +, * '''profiles.yaml''' is passed into the script as '''@profile''' (for information about what this contains, see [[Component0759985424]]) * '''all command line options''' are passed into the script as '''@options'''   +
Entities DO have annotations!  +
This page lists knowledge subjects in connection with '''[ BlueSpice]'''. It is structured based on the '''[[Component0151289873]]'''.  +
This graph visualizes SMW CindyKate's ontology on April 1st 2016 (i.e. not real-time) based on [[:Category:Terminological Relation|component type properties]]. It is programmatically generated using [ mermaid].  +
'''''' will substantially change when adding [ Elasticsearch] by mid-2016. That's why these explanations are rudimentary for the time being.  +
This page is under heavy construction.  +
For example, the facet/aspect "safety" of a car cannot be instantiated like "This is safety A and that is safety B.". But the facet/aspect "safety" can enfold the instantiations of seatbelt model 24 and airbag RT45.  +
<code>Dataspects::SemanticMediaWikiPage</code> is an example of a <code>Dataspects::Resource</code> subclass.  +
[[Component2127636517]] makes the following variables available to ontology management scripts @options [[Component0759985424|@profile]]  +
For example, the <code>Aspect "Safety"</code> of a car cannot be instantiated like "This is safety A and that is safety B.". But the <code>Aspect "Safety"</code> enfolds the instantiations <code>Seatbelt "Model 24"</code> and <code>Airbag "RT45"</code>.  +, There is more explanation on this in [[Component 153600]] <sup style="background-color:lightgreen; font-family: monospace;">Use Case</sup>.  +
This will use  +
[[Component1650400913]]  +
Check out our blog article '''[ Knowledge Management: Flying only got successful once people stopped imitating birds]''' (in German)  +
The mindmaps shown below have been created and are managed by myself (thus they do not reflect the corresponding authors' conceptual/mental prioritization or organization). They serve as: * a study tool for figuring out stuff, as well as * a way of summarizing a topic for quick cognitive access heeding [[Component 341298]]. [[User:Lex|Lex]] 10:14, 16 March 2016 (UTC)  +
OMS contain instructions to run in accordance with [[Component 153401]].  +
'''Add a new method test''' # Add the method at [[ApplicationMethod]]. # Set up unit tests testing the new method at [[DSKIMUnitTest]]. If appropriate, run tests against test pages in [[:Category:TestCategory0]] and [[:Category:TestCategory1]]. # Look up ComponentXXXXXXXXXX's '''[[Property:TestsAreRunBy]]'''.  +, The following pages serve as '''unit test scripts''' and '''corresponding test objects/pages''' requested from within the RSpec Ruby code by API calls to this MediaWiki. While this mechanism turns these pages into a comfortable documentation about smw-cindykate's functionality, it also makes testing prohibitively slow. The idea is to compile these pages into a YAML package dumped into smw-cindykate's RSpec testing suite before running them.  +
This is pragmatic behaviour. Of course these aspects shall be solved and moved into the Packer build context.  +
* The following steps are valid for Ubuntu as the workstation's operating system. * Background: ** [ GnuPG Mini Howto] ** [ Ubuntu GnuPrivacyGuardHowto]   +, <span style="background-color:yellow;">944CBA14</span> is the key-id  +
* The following steps are valid for Ubuntu as the VM's/guest's operating system. * Note that the VM's/guest's operating system might require additional packages in order to be able to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions, e.g. in case of Ubuntu:<br><code>sudo apt-get install build-essential</code>   +